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“Pathika” leads a pathway wherein we believe in breaking barriers by speaking the language the travelers want to hear. Technology is one of our core assets and stats are our success mantra.

Pathika-Travel Sales Marketing Representation in India

The word “Pathika” is derived from Sanskrit word that means traveler. Our endeavor is to travel alongside with our principal on a journey to achieve specific results together. As the name suggests “Pathika” is a modern, innovative & digital - travel sales & marketing representation company. With decades of rich experience in travel, “Pathika” offers a practical & cost-effective option to National Tourism Boards, Cruise liners, Hotels & Destination Management companies, wishing to expand their businesses in the most emerging country of the millennium – India. “Pathika” is known for its core expertise that primarily focused on the reach in the Indian subcontinent regions that include: Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Myanmar and Singapore.

When it comes to the Indian sub-continent, travel is an aggressive market, “Pathika” however leads a pathway wherein we believe in breaking barriers by speaking the language the travelers want to hear.

As the Best Travel & Tourism Representation Agency in India

Technology is one of our core assets and stats are our success mantra. "Pathika" not only addresses the core issue of content deliverability regarding awareness and promotional campaigns, but also makes sure that the right content goes to right set of audience. At "Pathika" our team ensures that communication is the key of all conversions and all campaigns are addressed with minutest of detail - each time and every time.

“Pathika” – Marketing & Representations could become your face and voice in the Indian subcontinent that is full of diversity, socio-economic requirements, specific travel needs that we understand. Come and truly represent yourself in India with “Pathika” to know the country the way we know it.


Travelers no longer crave to collect holiday souvenirs but want memories to bank upon and stories to remember and share. As a part of the Minar Group we are committed to our legacy for over 26 years, through timeless commitments to our partners and principals. We deal with our principals honestly, offer value in each of our offerings and work transparently with our principals thus offering the finest experience to our clients. We believe in building a deeper connections between the traveler and the destination.

To communicate the true voice of the product we represent, so that travelers share the experience with stories that generates the true buzz.


A committed and dedicated team, healthy and innovative ideas, positive marketing, a goal & result oriented approach have been the common buzz words of our board rooms till date. The true zest of destination marketing lies with the reunion of 3 most important ingredients - Media, Creatives and Digital Platform. It is still ok if you can't see the elephant but Can you smell that elephant now?


Pathika Marketing & Representation is honored and excited to now represent Sri Lanka's Premier Destination Management Company in India - HTCey Leisure. HTCey Leisure is an experiential travel specialist for individual and group travel.

Pathika is also now the "Preferred Partner" for Italo - Italy's leading Private Train Operator. Italo operates Next generation high speed luxury trains at high speeds of upto 360Km/hr connecting 21 Italian Cities.

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